My Courses

Courses Taught (as of Dec. 2020)

Residencies/Study Groups/Independent Studies/Online Courses

Anthropology and Archaeology Courses Taught

A Survey of Ancient Civilizations

Artifacts and Culture of the Americas

Introduction to Anthropology

Introduction to Archaeology

Mesoamerican Art and History: A Material Study of Aztec and Maya Civilizations

Native Cultures of Latin America

Selected History Courses Taught

First Peoples of North America (online course co-created with Dr. Menoukha Case)

Mexico: Then and Now

Latin American History

Public History: The Native American Experience

Native Perspectives: Seneca Culture and History

Living History: The Battle of Little Big Horn (online course co-created with Dr. Menoukha Case and Mr. Cliff Eaglefeathers)

Selected Interdisciplinary Courses Taught

Digital Culture and Society

American Cultural History (formerly U.S. History Through Ethnology)

Native American Art and Culture

Introduction to Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies

Introduction to Native American Studies

Introduction to Global Indigenous Knowledge

Theory and Methods in Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies

Social Science Research Methods


Undergraduate Thesis/Capstone

Selected Graduate Courses Taught:

Modes of Critical Inquiry: Social Science Research

Museum Studies and Public History: Theory and Methods

Social Science Research Methods

Oral History: Theory and Methods

Final Project/Thesis

Selected Graduate Electives Taught:

Native American Sovereignty

The Anthropology of Symbolism

Tribal and Federal Consultation and Laws

Gender and Culture